Lifetime Retainers

Because Keeping Your Beautiful Smile is Worth it!

Teeth gradually shift throughout our lifetime. This happens even more frequently after teeth have been moved with orthodontics, and there is a risk that the teeth will return without retainers to the positions from prior to treatment. Retainer wear is essential to maintaining a beautiful smile, so we offer our patients the opportunity to enroll in our Lifetime Retainer Program!

Retainers are meant to be replaced.

Eventually the plastic of an Essix retainer will become dull and may even crack, thereby losing some of their effectiveness. Essix retainers typically last one to three years before they need to be replaced from normal wear and tear such as patient handling, nighttime teeth grinding, etc.

Lifetime Retainer Program…. Don’t put off replacing your retainer!

Because we are so committed to giving our patients amazing smiles that last a lifetime, we offer a Lifetime Retainer Program. This program helps to keep you from ever having to replace retainers at full price. Many people wait too long to schedule an appointment after a lost or broken retainer fearing the high cost for replacement. However, once the teeth have shifted, additional treatment costs are needed creating a bigger financial burden. Our hope is that the Retainers for Life program will motivate patients to come in immediately when their retainer is ready for replacement regardless if from wear, loss, or damage.

This program isn’t just for patients we’ve treated!

If you have had braces or Invisalign in the past, our program is for you too! Please contact our office to schedule your free 3D scan to make you new retainers. Insurance may cover a portion of the fee, we would be happy to call and verify your benefits.

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